Why Nyama Mama Delta Is A Heaven Of Delicacies

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“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme

That’s exactly what I felt when I stepped into Nyama Mama Westlands, Nairobi. It’s the hottest new I had already read fantastic reviews about the eatery — it’s located at Delta Corner, just along Waiyaki Way — but I decided to go and sample the dishes all by myself.

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of their skilfully concocted dishes include Chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides. It first launched at Yaya Centre’s food court and is now rapidly growing, thanks to its unique menu offering.

On a relatively windy evening, I invited my boss John to tag along.

Upon reaching the location, you’ll be greeted by the imposing grey twin towers that make you feel that you’re in for a ride. If it’s a chilly evening with grey clouds, you’ll feel like you’re on set of an epic movie. Nyama Mama Westlands is conveniently located for anyone to pop in; you can never miss it. Its distinct branding is visible from across the road.

From the second you step in, you’ll notice the authentic, striking interior decor that reminds you of your countryside home. Their seats are perfectly woven with signature Vintage decoration. The utensil racks are wooden. To give it all an urban feel, there is a cascading fountain on a wall! The area is spacious enough. It feels like being in a traditional jikoni while still giving you a classy ambiance!

nyama mama kenya

Do you notice the wooden chairs with classic Vitenge dressing?

Wait until food is served to you. When I ordered my Blue Mount cocktail (Chili infused Don Julio Tequila, sparkling wine, fresh pineapple, aperol and lime), it came in a Kikombe! I was like, wait?! I am not used to this…totally. Well, they have an explanation to that. They wanted to bring something new into the market; serve Kenyan dishes with an eclectic, contemporary twist.

We sampled the Ugali Fries with Garlic Sauce, Mama’s Dawa, Beef Chapati Quesadillas with Guacamole and Kachumbari, and some delicious boiled meat.

“Good Earth Group was formed in 2014. It has various brands, one of them being Nyama Mama. It is a Kenyan brand. There was no great restaurant that could showcase the Kenyan food and culture. The brainchild behind the brand is Nina Shanghavi; she is the Mama. After coming up with the concept, we had local and international consultants and designers come in to curate the brand,” Priyan Kolapara, the Director of Operations said.

The consultants would work on the cocktails, the food, the ambience, the decor…look and feel of the place…literally everything.

nyama mama restaurant


It took a year and a half to bring the brand alive. They had to get the right chef onboard and a team that would make the brand an international one.

The restaurant offers wide range of Kenyan dishes with an infused contemporary feel. There’s the irresistible Grilled Halloumi with Sukuma Wiki and Tamarillo (Tree Tomato) Chutney, New York style Cheesecake with Blueberry compote and white chocolate shavings, Githeri and more!

They are not your average servings at your usual kibanda.

“People thought that Kenyan food is very bland. What we’ve done is taken the Kenyan ingredients and elevated the cuisine. Now, people are fascinated. They never thought they could have fried Ugali. We’ve done Mama’s Dawa in a different way. We use Madafu, mint and lime. All these are Kenyan ingredients,” Priyan adds.

nyama mama kenya

The Chapatti Wraps

The effort has not gone unnoticed, as the feedback from clients has been excellent. Nyama Mama has become part of Nairobi and it is buzzing. With the quality and standards that it is creating; the brand is putting Kenya on the global map in the culinary realm.

I’d just like to say one thing: Make sure you go to Nyama Mama within the next one week!

About Nyama Mama:

After working as a cook in exclusive Safari lodges around East & West Africa, Mama has gone back to her childhood roots preparing home-style dishes with a modern eclectic twist.

Nyama Mama is an unpretentious, fun, modern day African roadside diner. Locally inspired, some of our skilfully concocted dishes include Chapatti wraps to Mama’s stews and flavourful sides.

Indulge in some nostalgia with our sharing platters and signature cocktails served in iconic metal Vikombe.

Nyama Mama Xpress is mama’s limited service diner, conveniently located in central locations delivering a dose of hearty mama’s food on the go.

For more details, visit http://www.thegoodearthgroup.com/nyama-mama

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