Pablo’s Restaurant At Four Points: Definitely Worth Your Money

Pablo's Four Points by Sheraton

Tranquility, class, and great service are three qualities that you can find at Pablo’s Restaurant at Four Points by Sheraton – Hurlingham. The ground-floor spot is ideal for both business and leisure travelers with an itinerary in Nairobi.

Located in an upmarket neighborhood and just 4 kilometers from the Nairobi CBD, this Pablo’s Restaurant is a must-visit. 

I can attest to this as I recently had a great experience at the establishment. I had spent the previous night at the hotel and it was a memorable one.

My night’s stay

The room I got myself was a Deluxe. The feeling I got when I entered was that of ultimate relaxation after a long day at work. I loved the choice I made because the room was cozy and spacious and more importantly, the balcony was simply perfect.

four points by sheraton

My Deluxe room at Four Points by Sheraton

The room had everything you needed – from the plenty of instant coffee to the fresh fruits which were a touch of class.

The ambient lighting set the mood; I was in for a great night. Apart from that, the shower I had was the best I’ve ever experienced in a hotel room.

The huge TV also had a huge selection of entertainment by DStv. I didn’t miss an episode of my favorite show while away from home.

Breakfast at Pablo’s Restaurant

I slept quite late so I was a bit late for breakfast. However, I managed to get myself some delicious fruits and coffee. The Chef was kind enough to show me a selection of the meals on offer. By the way, if you need some amazing seafood, this is the best place to try.

Here are some of the amazing meals I got to sample:

four points by sheraton hurlingham

Fresh fruits and iced tea.

Four Points by Sheraton

Delicious full package breakfast.

four points by sheraton

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll not miss out at Pablo’s!

And here are some more beautiful photos from around the restaurant:

four points by Sheraton

Part of the spacious sitting area at Pablo’s.

Four Points by Sheraton

The wonderful staff members.

Four Points by Sheraton

The well-lit outdoor space.

Four Points by Sheraton

My favorite chill spot.

For lunch, I ordered chicken and ugali, which came presented in the best way imaginable. I had just come from exploring Mezze on the Deck, the rooftop restaurant. The staff was really courteous, and I loved the overall presentation of chicken.

My observation was, that no matter how simple a meal is, there is a lot of care that was put into presenting it.

Four Points by Sheraton

My delicious lunch.

After I finished dining, I explored more of the ground-floor restaurant. It was calm to the point that it felt like a private lounge at a world-class airport. 

This is one of those places where you can work in peace. You can even have a Zoom call!

If you book Four Points by Sheraton – Hurlingham, Pablo’s restaurant will offer you a wide variety of dishes, fast wi-fi for business calls, and of course a memorable experience that you’ll never forget.

Visit their website to reserve your room or table.